Perceptions of Texture (30x30cm)

  • Perceptions of Texture (30x30cm)
  • Perceptions of Texture (30x30cm)

Heavily inspired by the OpArt movement, creating forms of texture using light, shadow and movement. Unlike the smaller (20x20cm) version this has no texture in the paint.

High resolution pictures: Perceptions of Texture

🖼 Canvas: 30x30cm
🎨 Paint: Acrylic
🖌 Tool: 0.1mm ball point
✋ Time: 15:00 mins (by hand)
⏱ Time: 16:10 minutes (by machine)

Canvas: Winsor & Newton Classic Standard Canvas, 30x30cm.
Canvas Material: 100% Cotton (1/2 oxford)
Canvas Wood Type: Pine
Canvas Weight: 480gsm
Satin finish.

Materials: Acrylic paint, Canvas, Pen plotter, Palette knives, OpenFrameworks & Inkscape