I’m a London born artist working with programming code, realtime media & audio. Through live coding in front of an audience I’ve worked in other performance fields such as dance, theatre, music & cinematography. My experience of disability strongly impacts my practice. Living with pain, physical limitations, disillusionment and disconnection from society affect my thought process and how I create, using my disability and its limitations as part of my process. Performance is a key part of my practice as it fulfils a need to be seen physically and creatively, but in a form I control.

We experience the world through our bodies and design dictates how much friction we feel moving through it. I explore automative forms of expression that utilise new interfaces for alternative bodies.

The language of automation is programming code, and my work often focuses on this form of control. Exploring Programming as a performance art and the misuse, deconstruction, repurposing and breaking of software to challenge ownership, narrative and visibility. Programming as a means of facilitating and augmenting human communication rather than replacing it.

The programming code I create is often visually present in my work and I publish my source-code. The self-expression and power it gives is too important to me physically and emotionally to remain hidden. Through sharing I am part of a community of artists growing together and opening the world of programming.