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Differential Paint Expansion - 1/2 (20x20cm)

  • Differential Paint Expansion - 1/2  (20x20cm)

Differential growth is a feature at all levels of organisation in a plant, from the cells, the organs which they construct, to the entire body of the plant. This growth pattern is simulated in programming code and then applied through a highly precise automated drawing machine to sculpt the flow and intermixing of paint.

4K Timelapse:

High resolution pictures: Differential Paint Expansion.

šŸ–¼ Canvas: 20x20cm
šŸŽØ Paint: Acrylic
šŸ–Œ Tool: 0.2mm ball point
ā± Time: 33:50 minutes

Canvas: Exerz 20x20x1.7cm
Pre-Stretched 100% Cotton.
280GSM, Medium Grain.
Sealed with a Satin Gloss finish.

Materials: Acrylic paint, Canvas, Pen plotter, Palette knives, OpenFrameworks & Inkscape